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You’ve seen ads on TV, posters on the sides of buses or bus stops, and maybe have even received ads in the mail for personal injury attorneys. But what exactly is a personal injury case? And how can a personal injury attorney help? Personal Injury Attorney A personal injury attorney handles any number of things

If you are involved in a personal injury case, you’ll want to know what happens during a pretrial and trial, should your case need to go to trial. While a good personal injury attorney will be able to prepare you for the trial, it’s always nice to have an idea of what can be expected.

After suffering a personal injury, you’ll want to know what options are available. Below we’ll discuss an average timeline of a personal injury case, as well as provide some insight into why you should consider working with a personal injury attorney. Personal Injury Case Timeline It was just starting to rain when the car next

Manufacturers and Sellers are Not Liable If Product Complied With Government Regulations House Bill 2503 significantly limited when manufacturers and sellers can be found liable for exemplary or punitive damages. According to the statute, a manufacturer, service provider or seller is not liable if any of the following applies. Product Liability Not Liable if: 1.

Victims of Burns put into medically induced coma! Tiara Del Rio, 21, woke up from a three-week medically induced coma after being critically burned on more than half her body in an October house explosion. Del Rio and her boyfriend, Beau Zimbro, were winding down one day when, authorities believe, she ignited a natural-gas leak

Childhood burns covering 60% have risks of death A recently published study has found that children who have sustained injuries from burns covering more 60 percent or more of their total body surface area (TBSA) are at much higher risks of experiencing severe complications or death. Authors of the study have urged that more attention