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Truck Driver Using Cell Phone in Deadly Crash

Dec 19, 2013

Truck driver using cell phone during collision Officer Tim Huffman, 47, was killed on May 6 when an 18-wheeler driven by Jorge Espinoza, 33, plowed into Huffman’s patrol car and several other vehicles, including police and fire vehicles, on Interstate 8, about 40 miles east of Yuma, Arizona.

High school student dies after head injury in football game

Dec 18, 2013

Head injury from football game results in death High school footballer Charles Youvella, of Hopi High School in Kearns Canyon, on the Hopi Indian Reservation in north-eastern Arizona, sustained a fatal head injury during a recent game.

Pedestrian killed in Tempe light rail accident identified

Dec 17, 2013

Light rail service suspended in collision with pedestrian Light rail service on Apache east of McClintock in Tempe, Arizona was briefly suspended in both directions while police investigated a fatal collision between a pedestrian and a light rail train.

Wrongful Death Claims in Arizona

Dec 16, 2013

Arizona has passed legislation that specifically addresses wrongful death claims A wrongful death results when either an intentional or unintentional act causes an injury that results in death.

2-year Old Toddler Mauled After Pit Bulls Attacked

Dec 13, 2013

Special needs toddler died after pit bulls attacked him A 2-year-old special needs toddler, whom family identified only as Daniel, and his four older siblings were being cared for at their babysitter’s house in Gilbert, Arizona when three adult pit bulls began fighting in the house.

Boy Who Lost Leg in Trash Truck Accident Gets $18.5 Million Settlement

Dec 12, 2013

Boy has bright future after 18.5 million truck settlement A young boy who lost a leg after being run over by a city trash truck in November 2011, says he’s looking forward to a bright future.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Closes Pasadena 110 Freeway

Dec 11, 2013

Motorcycle drivers should stay at scene of accident Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to accidents, which is why it is important for all drivers to obey the law when sharing the road.

10 Injured on Casino bound California Tour Bus Accident

Dec 09, 2013

Casino Tour Bus Accident Caused Injuries When Bus Crashed While buses are a fairly safe mode of transportation when compared with cars and motorcycles, dozens of people are still injured in bus accidents every year.

Dog Bites, Dog Attacks

Dec 05, 2013

Strict Liability for Dog Bites In Arizona, a dog owner is held to the high standard of strict liability for dog bites and dog attacks.

Product Liability and Wrongful Death

Dec 04, 2013

Wrongful death due to defective or unsafe products Unexpectedly losing a loved one is a source of emotional suffering and, in many cases, financial hardship for those left behind.

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