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Bed bugs are tiny, but they make a big fuss when they move into your home. With bed bugs becoming an increasingly large problem across all 50 states, it’s crucial that you take steps to remove them from your home the second you identify they have taken up residence. And if you live in Arizona, it’s illegal to not do something about them.

What to do with Bed Bugs

Arizona is just one of the few states that have passed laws regarding bed bugs. The law outlines “bed bug rules” that must be adhered to by both tenants and landlords. You’ll want to ensure you follow them exactly as you can be held legally liable for the costs of not following the correct procedures.

Arizona Law Regarding Bed Bugs

Do not try to treat a bed-bug problem on your own. Over-the-counter treatments can actually make things worse, which can make things worse for you, legally and financially when it comes to fines. An apartment manager mist brings in a licensed professional to assess the problem and suggest treatment.

What to Do

  1. Immediately contact the apartment manager or owner. This must be done in writing within three business days of when you initially suspect the bed bugs. They should be able to provide you with the specific bed-bug protocol.

2. Do not buy or use any over-the-counter treatments.

3. Ask your apartment manager or owner about your personal items. They should be able to make recommendations that follow Arizona law. Typically this means washing any clothing or sheets in hot water.

  1. The landlord must have a licensed pest-control professional inspection done within seven days of receiving the written notice. The licensed pest-control professional should also inspect any units near yours as bed bugs move fast. The management company should work with you to treat your unit.

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