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According to police an elderly woman is in extremely critical condition after a motor vehicle accident that occurred at a central Phoenix intersection.

Elderly Woman Ran Red Light

Allegedly, the woman was driving west on Highland Avenue, when she ran the red light at 16th Street and collided with a northbound vehicle.

Initial police reports state that the woman had died, but that was retracted and it is now being said that she was revived by hospital medical staff. Police report the woman is in her 80s.

Safe Driving Tips for the Elderly

As people get older they can find that driving becomes a more challenging experience. Here are some safety tips for elderly drivers.

Stay Physically Active, to ensure you are able to physically maneuver the car – this includes looking over your shoulder and being able to grip the steering wheel

Have regular vision and hearing tests. These tests will ensure you are able to see and hear any approaching emergency vehicles, as well as anything that might interfere with your driving.

Manage chronic conditions like arthritis, seizures, or diabetes.

Understand your limitations and make adjustments if you are able to. These include steering wheel grippers, cars with larger dials, and bigger cars that are easier to get in and out of.

Drive in optimal conditions by planning your trips accordingly. Avoid rush hour traffic and usually busy routes.

Plan your route ahead of time so that you do not find yourself trying to read a map or printed directions.

Consider taking a driving refresher course to update your driving skills and ensure you are still following the correct rules.

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