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Police in Chandler, AZ. are looking for a driver who killed a female pedestrian in a hit and run accident.

Hit and Run Accident

According to Chandler police the 47-year-old woman was walking southbound on Dobson Road just before 9:30 p.m. She was in the bike lane when a driver of what is believed to have been a sedan, hit the woman and then fled the scene. The woman has been identified as Francis Johnston. She did not survive the injuries sustained.

According to investigators, the sedan involved most likely had damage to the passenger side windshield and headlight area. The collision might have also damaged tires on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Hit and Run Laws in Arizona

In Arizona, if you are involved in an accident, you are legally obligated to stop. Failing to do so can earn you a hit and run charge. This charge can come with serious consequences, especially if someone was injured or killed in the accident. If a person was injured or killed, a defendant can be charged with a felony - either class 2, class 3, or class 5. Here are some distinctions between the three:

  • A person who’s accident caused physical harm or death can face a class 2 felony.
  • A person who did not cause the accident but left the scene of the crime can face a class 3 felony.
  • A person who’s accident does not cause serious injury or death can face a class 5 felony.
  • Failure to stop after any accident can result in a class 3 misdemeanor charge

Working with an Attorney

If you have been the victim in a hit and run accident, you should immediately contact a car accident attorney that can help ensure you get support for any medical expenses or loss of pay as the result of time spent in recovery.

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