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Educating yourself on pedestrian safety is key to keeping you and your family out of accidents involving pedestrians and cars.

Tips For Pedestrian Safety

Here’s a list of safety tips you should practice as a pedestrian:

  • Try to cross intersections where there are signals or crossing guards.
  • Only cross at a signal when the “walk” signal is shown.
  • Check for on-coming traffic before you step into a crosswalk. Take extra care to look for turning vehicles, or vehicles that might not have seen you.
  • Be cautious when walking by driveways.
  • Always look left, right, and then left again before you step out into a crosswalk.
  • Never assume a driver will see you.
  • Parents should always walk routes to schools with their children, at least the first time. That way they can show children where they are able to cross safely.
  • Try to avoid walking across the street in the dark. If you must, practice extra caution. If you are planning to go for a walk at night, try to wear brightly colored or reflective clothing so that passing cars can clearly see you.


Never assume that someone else - either driver or pedestrian is aware of you - for whatever reason, pedestrians and drivers can be inattentive or careless. Because of this, you must practice extra caution. Practicing extra caution at crosswalks can help keep you safe. If there is not crosswalk immediately available, you should always look for one, or at least look for the safest way to cross the street. Even then, do not assume that you’re safe - move quickly and cautiously, while keeping your eye open for any traffic that might appear out of nowhere.

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