Erratic Driving Sparks 30 Mile Police Chase

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The erratic driving of a silver Dodge minivan sparked a 30 mile police chase when he attempted to flee Arizona Department of Public Safety officers in Fountain Hills. The chase that stretched nearly 30 miles took law enforcement over four different highways throughout the Valley.

Driver: Salvador Nunez-Enriquez

According to DPS, police were attempting to locate Salvador Nunez-Enriquez after receiving reports of erratic driving behavior. An officer spotted Nunez-Enriquez near Arizona 87 and Shea Boulevard. The 31-year-old driver refused to stop for police and continued driving. He was initially on to Loop 202, and then moved to Interstate 10 and finally on to Interstate 17, according to Officer Carrick Cook, a DPS spokesman.

End of the Erratic Driving Pursuit

According to Cook, the pursuit ended when Nunez-Enriquez exited I-17 at 19th Avenue. Luckily, driving speeds did not reach high speeds. Nunez-Enriquez pulled off and stopped his vehicle on his own. He was then arrested, according to Cook, and taken into custody.

Safe Ending Not Always the Case

Though this pursuit ended in a safe fashion, others often do not. If you are involved in a car accident that comes as a result of an erratic driver you will need a motor vehicle lawyer that can help defend you.

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