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A bicyclist was killed when his riding group was struck by a vehicle.

Bicyclist Accident

The accident occurred at 8th Avenue and Gilbert Road in Mesa. According to authorities, one person was pronounced dead at the scene. Another person was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. The bicyclist who was killed was described to be a man in his late 50s. Allegedly, the vehicle ran a red light, striking two riders out of the group of seven bicyclists that were crossing the road. The driver pulled over a few blocks later and walked back to the scene. He told police he had hit the group of bicyclists. Police describe the driver as being in his 80s.

Riding for Years

Karl Walker, a rider in the group of bicyclists said the group has been riding together around Mesa for years. The bicyclist killed was a very close friend of his. “Very close, we were very close,” he said. “Part of our group was three quarters of the way through the intersection when he was struck.”

Charges for the Driver

The elderly driver has not been cited, but accordion to police, could be charged with a misdemeanor for running the red light. The investigation was still ongoing.

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