80-year-old Killed in Car Accident

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An 80-year-old woman is dead following a two-car accident that occurred near 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road in Phoenix.

The Car Accident

The accident happened just after noon when a white Toyota Prius ran a red light and was struck by a blue Chevrolet Tahoe. The driver of the Prius an 80-year-old woman. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The male driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe was taken to a local hospital. He suffered facial injuries and head trauma.

Cause Being Investigated

The accident is still being investigated. The cause of the accident still remains unknown and it’s still unsure if speed played a factor. One witness said the Prius was “creeping” through the intersection. The posted speed limit in the area is 40 mph.

Working with a Car Accident Attorney

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