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Car Hits and Seriously Injures 3 Pedestrians

by / Wednesday, 21 February 2018 / Published in Car Accident, Crossing Accidents, Pedestrian Accident

According to officials, a car ran into three pedestrians in Phoenix this past Sunday, seriously injuring two of them.

Car Hits and Seriously Injures 3 Pedestrians

According to Capt. Rob McDade, a driver hit the three men late Sunday morning near Seventh Street and McDowell Road.

The driver stayed at the scene and the three pedestrians were taken to a hospital, one with minor injuries and two in “serious but stable” condition, McDade said.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian-related car accident, you’ll want to contact a personal injury attorney.

Working with a Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

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If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you should immediately call a personal injury attorney that can help you build your case. If a loved one has been killed in a hit and run accident or car accident, you’ll want to immediately contact a personal injury attorney. They have the experience necessary to ensure you are able to prove your injuries or find justice for your deceased loved one so that you can collect the compensation you are owed.

Here are some more reasons to hire an experienced personal injury attorney:

Experience with assessing claims: Personal injury attorneys are experts when it comes to these types of cases and can advise you from the beginning on if you have enough of a case to pursue legal action. There’s no point in preparing for litigation if you do not have a solid case from the beginning. A personal injury attorney can assess your claim and save you time and money.

Cut through the red tape: Personal injury cases come with a lot of complicated legal procedures, confusing medical terms, and paperwork. An experienced attorney is familiar with all the paperwork and can help you cut through the red tape so you can move on with your life.

Access to an investigative team: Typically, attorneys work with a team of experienced investigators that will skillfully examine all the technical aspects of your case. You will want to provide your attorney with all of the information you have available to you so they can pass it on to the team.

Offer objectivity: Without a doubt, you will experience anger, pain, frustration, and fear if you or a loved one have been involved in a personal injury accident. These emotions may impact your ability to see the facts clearly. An attorney will be objective about your case and the facts and will help you to understand all aspects of the case before you make a rash decision. For example, you may want to agree to a quick payout, but an objective attorney might advise you that it is in your best interests to wait for a more appropriate offer.

Alternative dispute resolution: You might not need to go to trial. Many personal injury lawsuits reach a negotiation before going to court. A lawyer will be able to assess the case and determine if there are alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR), such as mediation or arbitration, that could resolve the case.

Experience resolving cases with other lawyers: An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to deal effectively and quickly with the other side’s attorney, especially during the fact-finding part of litigation where parties are legally required to exchange facts and documents.

Experience working with insurance companies: Insurance companies often move to settle quickly so they can receive their money and move on. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be accustomed to working with all the insurance companies involved and will not feel pressured by tactics or the pressure to settle.

Settlements: Many personal injury cases are resolved before they go to trial. This means an attorney negotiates a settlement on behalf of the client. Typically a plaintiff gives up the right to sue in exchange for a payment from the defendant or an insurance company. This often resolves the case sooner than if the case went to trial.

Legal Strategy: Should a case go to trial, a personal injury lawyer can represent you in court and work toward achieving the best possible jury verdict for you. He or she will be able to develop a legal strategy that will help you receive any and all compensation that is available for your injuries.

Avoid Pedestrian Accidents: Observe Marked and Unmarked Crosswalks


Crosswalks can be either marked, with obvious lines designating a pedestrian path, or unmarked.  Marked crosswalks are often found at places other than intersections. Unmarked crosswalks only occur in intersections as a type of extension of the sidewalk (paved or unpaved) across the street. Arizona law defines a sidewalk as: The portion of a street between the curb lines or edges of the road and the adjacent property lines, intended for the use of pedestrians.

Crossing at Other Intersections

Pedestrians crossing streets at places other than marked or unmarked crosswalks are required by law to yield to the right of way to all vehicles. When two adjacent intersections have traffic control signals, pedestrians are forbidden to cross the street outside of the marked crosswalks, for example in the middle of the block.

Practicing Due Care Pedestrian or Not

Just because a pedestrian violates the street crossing laws motorists are not relieved of all responsibility.  There is a duty of “due care” on drivers to avoid hitting and injuring pedestrians who do not obey the law. Regardless, pedestrians should always cross at an intersection if one is nearby, stay within the marked or unmarked crosswalks, and obey traffic control signals if they exist.  Do not assume that others will follow the law – you can accept right of way when it is presented, but you cannot demand it.

Arizona Law

According to Arizona law, pedestrians have an obligation to never, “suddenly leave any curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle that is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield” (A.R.S. § 28-792).

What you Need to Do to Be a Good Pedestrian

Here are some precautions to take to ensure you are a good pedestrian:

  • Be cautious
  • Remain alert when crossing streets at busy intersections.
  • Increase how visible you are to cars and trucks by wearing bright reflective clothing.
  • If you are walking at night, carry a flashlight or wear reflective clothing that will catch car headlights.
  • If there are no sidewalks where you are walking, walk facing traffic so you can see oncoming cars and so they can see you.
  • Teach your children to look in both directions before crossing streets.
  • If possible, only cross at designated crosswalks.
  • Don’t assume being in a crosswalk means you are safe.
  • Make sure you can hear the road and everything on the road, including cars approaching from behind.


What you Need to Do to Be a Good Driver

Here are some precautions to take to ensure you are a good driver:

  • Be cautious
  • Remain alert when approaching streets or busy intersections.
  • Make sure you are aware of any pedestrians that might be entering the road or on the road (running or bicyclists).
  • If you are driving at night, make sure all of your headlights and tail-lights are working, and that you are clearly visible.
  • Make sure your car is properly maintained. This includes frequent brake checks.
  • Pay special attention when entering or exiting parking lots, as often you will need to cross a sidewalk to enter.
  • Follow posted speed limits.
  • Avoid distractions including texting, phone calls, or reaching for things that have fallen.

Even when people act with caution, accidents still occur. That’s why it’s advised that you work with a personal injury attorney. No one has intentions of hurting anyone, but when both sides of a lawsuit – both plaintiff and defendant – feel that they acted correctly, these cases can be difficult to come to an agreement on.

Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

The attorneys at Personal Injury Attorneys PLLC have experience handling personal injury cases such as DUI accidents.The help of an expert personal injury attorney who is well versed in the laws specific to automobile accidents in Arizona can help ensure you get the settlement you need and deserve.

After contacting an attorney, they will investigate the specifics of the crash. The more information you can provide to them, the better. That means specifics of the crash, any witness information, any medical bills or time spent in the hospital, and the specifics of your injuries. They will build a case for you based on these specifics and then defend you should the case go to trial. You’ll want to work with experienced personal injury attorneys like the ones at Personal Injury Attorneys PLLC.

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