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It has recently been revealed that two big-name athletes who died recently suffered from CTE, once again returning the spotlight to the dangers of traumatic brain injuries and sports. Two Deaths Newly Linked to CTE’ This week it was determined that NFL star Bubba Smith and BMX legend Dave Mirra both had CTE. Smith died in

Recently Steve Hogen, the athletic director of Mesa Public Schools, was injured in a hit-and-run accident that occurred while he was riding his bike. While accidents like these occur far too often, they serve as a reminder of practicing safety every time you get on the road. Recent Hit-and-Run Serves as Reminder of Bike Safety

Every year people are injured in slip and fall accidents. While a slip and fall accident can be hard to prove, it’s crucial that you recoup any damages that you incur as a result of your accident. Proving Your Slip and Fall Accident Thousands of people get injured every year as the result of slip

In an update on the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder case, the company has been ordered by a U.S. jury to pay $55 million to Gloria Ristesund. Ristesund developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s talc-powder products for feminine hygiene for decades. Ristesund’s Johnson and Johnson Case Ristesund’s case against J&J is just one of the

A new study on bed bugs has just been released, and according to it – bed bugs have favorite colors. What does this mean for you? Well, you might just want to invest in some white and bright yellow sheets. Bed Bugs Apparently Have a Favorite Color The University of Florida has just published a study

While accidents involving cars and light-rail trains do not occur that often, they do happen. When they do, you’ll need to know what to do and how to pursue any claims you might be entitled to. Collision Between Car and Light-Rail Train A recent collision between a car and a Valley Metro light-rail train near 19th

Baltimore Ravens player Terrell Suggs has pled not guilty to all of the charges in his Arizona car crash case. The NFL player has denied that he left the scene of a March 4th accident. Suggs Pleads Not Guilty to AZ Car Crash Suggs was arrested on March 4th and later charged with two misdemeanors, including:

On April 3, within a 12 hour period, three train accidents occurred in the Northeastern United States. Those crashes happened just a month after another Amtrack train that was headed from Chicago to LA was derailed, injuring 32 people. That crash, just a year after another train wreck in Philadephia that left eight people dead and more

In early March, aspiring 18-year-old singer Keli May Rutledge died as the result of injuries sustained during a car crash. According to police, the driver of the other vehicle, Emilio Deleon, may have been impaired. 18-Year-Old Aspiring Singer Killed in Car Crash An aspiring singer, Keli May Rutledge had just won the annual Proof in the