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Last December, a 22-year-old man reportedly walked into an elevator shaft when the elevator doors opened, assuming the elevator would be there, and fell onto the car that had stopped just a floor below him. According to fire officials, he was rescued when the people inside the elevator heard him call for help. He suffered a

You’ve seen ads on TV, posters on the sides of buses or bus stops, and maybe have even received ads in the mail for personal injury attorneys. But what exactly is a personal injury case? And how can a personal injury attorney help? Personal Injury Attorney A personal injury attorney handles any number of things

At the end of July, 15-year-old Mariah Contreras was hit and killed by a train. According to police, her and three of her friends were “playing chicken” with the trains when she was hit. Recent Accident Serves as Reminder: Don’t Play on Train Tracks According to Arizona police, Contreras and her friends were taking turns standing on the

The phrase “speed kills” gets thrown around a lot, but does it actually sink in? In Arizona, it appears that speeding seems to be out of control, with people driving at least 20-30 mph over posted speed limits. Despite the fact that there have been countless horrible crashes seen in Arizona, it seems that drivers

Furniture retailer Ikea has announced a recall of 29 million chests and dressers in the United States after facing wrongful death lawsuits for at least six toddlers that were crushed to death in tip-over accidents. Ikea Recalling 29 Million Drawers Following the announcement of the recall the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, chairman Elliot F.

Since the app Pokémon Go launched last week it has surpassed Twitter’s 65 million American users. The app takes to the streets and users are able to compete to capture, train, and battle Pokémon characters all through their mobile phones. While the app has been successful, the Arizona Department of Transportation is warning that Pokémon Go might be

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently recalled about 500,000 self-balancing Hoverboards due to fire hazards that cause injury. Hoverboards Recalled According to a statement released by the CPSC, at least 99 incidents have occurred in which the scooters’ lithium-ion battery packs have overheated, causing sparking, smoking, fire and/or explosions of the Hoverboards. These incident have resulted in a

Almost 1.4 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year and most of them do not know how to file a TBI lawsuit to protect themselves after those TBIs.  Knowing how wide-spread these types of injuries are, even more frightening is that some people do not show signs of a TBI until weeks or

It was just recently announced that 27-year-old actor Anton Yelchin was killed when his car rolled backward, crushing him against a mailbox and security fence. While it’s unsure exactly what happened – if something in the car was defective, or if Yelchin accidentally left the car in neutral – it’s not an uncommon occurrence. Anton